Words are powerful; they can inform, inspire, or entertain.
But it can be incredibly challenging to get the words on
the page to embody the vision that’s in your mind.
That's where I come in.
I help women craft and refine their stories to deliver
joy and inspiration to their readers.

Book Coaching

You're an author, or you want the confidence to call yourself one, but you’re not sure how to tell your story.

  • Maybe you need help getting started.

  • Maybe you’re stuck in the saggy middle.

  • Or maybe you can’t figure out how to end your story.


I can help you make progress in your project and feel confident in how you’re telling your story.

Structural Editing

You've drafted your story, you've tried to refine it, but you're not sure if your manuscript is working.

  • Maybe it's a swoony romance with all your favourite tropes.

  • Maybe it's a rich fantasy full of unique details and a brand new magic system.

  • Or maybe it's a women's fiction novel about new beginnings and chasing dreams.


I can help you tell your story in the best way possible to engage your readers and make them keep turning pages.

Content Writing

You're a woman-owned business or woman-serving non-profit and you have a powerful story to tell.

  • Maybe you’ve solved a problem and want to share your solution.

  • Maybe you’ve got a product that will bring joy to others.

  • Or maybe your work is making an incredible impact in your community.


I can help you share your story by crafting content that will inspire your audience and help you grow your impact.


Hi, I'm Trisha.

My goal is to empower women to boldly share your stories.

I offer a range of coaching and story-level editing services to women authors working on my favourite genres:

  • Romance

  • Women's fiction

  • Young adult (contemporary and fantasy)


I also offer my decade of professional communications experience as a content writer and copywriter for women-owned small businesses and women-serving non-profits.