What Is Book Coaching?


A book coach (sometimes called an author coach or writing coach) is someone who guides a writer through the writing process. This is a one-on-one partnership that really digs into why you’re writing this particular book and how to make it the best book possible.

As a book coach, my role is to help you develop your storytelling skills, make progress in your writing, and feel confident that you’re creating the best book possible.

Through video/phone calls, emails, and feedback on your writing you’ll get:

  • Help understanding your goals

  • Help planning a book or making a revision plan

  • Writing deadlines

  • Resources and activities

  • Opportunities to ask questions

  • Encouragement and celebrations of your accomplishments


When Should You Hire A Book Coach?


Book coaching can be helpful at any stage of manuscript writing. Work with a book coach when you want to:

  • Set a strong foundation as you start to write

  • Figure out what’s sticking so you can unclog a soggy middle and power through to finish a draft

  • Make and carry out a revision plan to take a messy first draft and turn it into a great book

Book Coaching Services


Book Coaching Package


A book coaching package with me is designed to help you set and meet your writing goals, answer your questions, and help you build your writing toolkit.

A book coaching package is customized to your needs and may include combinations of the following:

Goal-setting: A one-hour introductory call to kick things off, discuss your goals, and make our plan.


Planning and Outlining: Conversations and assignments to help you develop your story idea and understand what book you want to write, why you want to write it, and who you’re writing it for.


Structural/Developmental Editing: Written feedback on up to 30 pages each month (e.g., 15 pages every two weeks).


Accountability: Regular deadlines to help you prioritize your writing and get that book drafted or revised.


Conversation: Two 45-minute video/phone coaching sessions each month to discuss feedback, answer questions, and set goals and tasks to complete before our next call.


Email Communication: Have a question between calls? Email me and I'll be happy to help you find an answer.


Book coaching packages require a minimum 3-month commitment to ensure we have the time to make progress on your project.


Book coaching packages start at $500 CAD per month.

Coaching/Consulting Call

Have a question you want to discuss, but you're not ready to commit to a full coaching package?

I offer 45-minute video/phone calls to discuss your writing project or questions you have about the writing process, editing, or publishing. I'll email you after our call with a few resources too.  (Individual coaching calls do not include direct feedback on your manuscript.)


Individual coaching calls are $100 CAD.