Client Testimonials

I have the best clients. Here's What they have to say about me.

“First of all, Trisha is fantastic to work with as a person. Professional and kind, she brings joy to the experience of writing, using a collaborative process—a dialogue always focused on making things better.


Secondly, as an editor she is merciless and precise—exactly what I want. She relentlessly asks me: Why? What am I thinking? What drives my characters? Who are they? She offers suggestions but is always respectful that the writing is my own. She’s highly competent and I plan to work with her again and again and again. She helps me become a better writer.”


– Linda Chambers, Author

“I hired Trisha to write several feature stories for our Annual Report. Trisha was an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the whole project. Not only is she a great storyteller, Trisha’s warm and friendly nature put our YMCA members and families at ease while interviewing them for the stories. In addition to working on the features, Trisha also proofread the final layout and ensured consistency and flow throughout the entire piece. I would highly recommend Trisha and I will be hiring her again for our future projects!”


– Carollyne Wood, Marketing & Communications Manager, YMCA of Greater Vancouver

"I loved working with Trisha! She was prompt, thorough, and incredibly helpful. Very easy to work with and very careful with my manuscript. She kept lots of contact with me not only through the project, but after she had finished as well. I'm very thankful for her expertise and kindnesses, and look forward to working with her again."


– Emily Mundell, Author

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Trisha. She is very professional and supportive. The process was clearly documented in a contract and exceptions were straightforward. She kept the deadlines and provided high quality detailed reports, covering all the elements of writing. She understood my vision for the book and helped me polish it to the highest level. Her feedback was authentic and invaluable, one that will remain with me for the rest of my writing career. I look forward to working with her on my next project. Thank you very much, Trisha!”


– Negood Baggash, Author

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Trisha! She is so knowledgeable, caring, thoughtful, and insightful. This is my first full-length manuscript, and throughout the editing process, she has not only respected and maintained my literary voice but she has also helped me make my work come to life. I highly recommend working with Trisha!"


– Amandella Joseph, Author

“Trisha is wonderful to work with and the time she puts into her work is so appreciated. When looking through the edits she did on my work, I was so encouraged by the fact that she didn't try to change or rewrite my story but included her own thoughts and expertise on how to make it stronger. As a result I found her edits allowed me to look at my story from another perspective and gave me the push I needed to help me decide what needed to be clarified, added to, or removed. In addition, she is always willing to receive questions and provide feedback as needed. I would highly recommend Trisha to anyone needing an editor.”


– Annah Goudy, Author